European neighbours


Medoc – Ireland: Where to live - How to live

Médoc – Irland We were looking for something different from our life in a German city. For me (Ilona) and my children, life there had become almost intolerable. For us, a house in the Medoc was our dream, as it is for many other Germans and Europeans. After a lot of effort, it became our reality...
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Pulse of Europe - our hope

pulse of europe It was when a friend flew a European flag outside his bungalow at Euronat, that we first understood his enthusiasm for the group « Pulse of Europe » The work of this group had been growing for some time but, at the time of our arrival, had not yet reached the Medoc...
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An english-french friendship

An english-french friendship When, at the age of eleven, I started to learn French at school, our teacher asked if any of us would like a French penfriend. I jumped at the chance, expecting to find a friend in Paris. However, when I received news of my penfriend I discovered that she lived in Gaillan-en-Médoc.. We corresponded regularly, writing alternately in English and in French. When I was fifteen I travelled to the Médoc to stay with her. On meeting her and her mother at Gare St. Jean in Bordeaux, I could hardly understand a word they said...
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Von Paradies zu Paradies Having arrived at your lovely chalet, I felt that there was a very warm and happy atmosphere and that everything had been arranged and put together with great loving care. I live at Jersey, the biggest of the Channel Islands and I find that the sea, the dunes, the fauna und flora are much the same – but there are things we haven’t got and which I much enjoyed...
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Die Vermählung von Bier und Wein!

Die Vermählung von Bier und Wein! Si l’on dit que l’on n’apporte pas sa bière à Munich, on l’amène bien à St Seurin de Cadourne, où pour récompenser le comité de jumelage avec les communes participantes au 30 ème anniversaire de la création du comité en 1985, les autorités de Bevern* commune d’Allemagne de Basse-Saxe, arrivèrent à la salle des fêtes de St Seurin en un dimanche soir de l'année 2015, les bras chargés de caisses de bières allemandes...
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Hidden Bunkers

Verborgene Bunker The many bunkers here on the Médoc beaches are a familiar sight and an invitation to graffiti artists. The ordinary walker on the beach doesn’t really know that they are part of the Atlantic Wall, that mighty line of defence built by the Germans along the whole of the European coast during World War II. This line of concrete extends from Norway to the Spanish frontier and at first comprised some 15,000 large and small bunkers...
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Europeans in the Médoc

Europäer im Médoc ...
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