Studio for Icon Production



icônes icônes

Who would have thought that, one day, the walls of St Seurin de Cadourne would have sheltered this most unusual studio ?

Violaine Lapeyrère is its creator, animator and artist.

Initiated into this art many years ago, and a teacher at heart, she organises workshops during which she transmits her passion with patience, authority and determination. In calm and pleasant surroundings, conducive to contemplation punctuated by outbursts of laughter, students discover the secrets of producing icons in the purest traditional way. Everything has significance, and is symbolic: each colour, each mark has a meaning.

Over the course of several days, thanks to demanding and attentive work, the block becomes clearer and the icon takes shape and comes to life. A nd what an encounter! Certainly an encounter with the person represented but also with oneself, or a facet of oneself, that lay unsuspected and which reveals in all of us, irrespective of our beliefs, our own little bit of spirituality! Something which is well worth experiencing !

Françoise, Liselotte, Pascaline and the rest.

2018 Pascaline Aubeneau (Saint-Seurin-de-Cadourne), translation: Richard Beasley