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Violaine Lapeyrere     Violaine Lapeyrere
Violaine Lapeyrere

I started painting icons twenty years ago thanks to meeting an orthodox monk. Before that I was painting on wood, decorating painted furniture, but I was aware of lacking a spiritual dimension. Meeting this orthodox monk when he was giving a lecture on icons was a decisive moment. On that day I intuitively felt that this was a “way” for me and that I’d been seeking it for a long time.

I then trained in icon painting with Eva Vlavianos who lived in Paris. I worked with her for three years, directly and by correspondence, to correct my work. Regular practice helped me to progress.

I had the opportunity to produce several icons for an orthodox monastery in Brittany in close contact with the local bishop, then for individual clients. As well as a definite artistic dimension, theology, history and symbolism are present… in fact the language of the icon is very codified: representations of people, attitudes and colours are not left to chance. It is necessary to know the language to avoid betraying the message of the icon: to change a detail can change the meaning. It is a tradition that spans centuries and we must humbly accept being just another “link” in this heritage.