Café polyglotte at CALM



On the 1st March 2016 I went into my garden to fix to a tree a small bracelet in red and white cotton thread that I had been given as a gift from a Bulgarian lady in February. I was thus following an ancient Bulgarian tradition: that of the Martenitsa, commonly known as Baba Marta (Baba Marta Day). It symbolises the approaching end of winter and the imminent arrival of Spring and rebirth.

I discovered this rather delightful symbolic custom at the Café Polyglotte. But what exactly is a polyglot café? It’s a place where people meet to discuss various topics in a foreign language – here its English, German and Spanish – around a table as in a café. Here you come across French people who want to practise and improve their knowledge of a foreign language. Foreigners also come here to talk about their own experiences and stories. In brief, no matter what language is spoken at the chosen polyglot table, everyone takes part in a profuse, lively international exchange.

café polyglotte café polyglotte CALM

For me its like a small corner of Europe where people of different mentalities and cultures come to exchange ideas together, inspired by a common interest. I’ve met very sympathetic people there who, like me, enjoy spending a pleasant, relaxing evening, away from everyday cares.

When and where does Café Polyglotte take place? The first Tuesday of the month (except in school holidays) from 20.30pm to 22.00pm at CALM in Lesparre.

The next meeting will be on Tuesday 4th April 2017 and its theme will be the weather forecast. You are all welcome, it's free and without commitment.

2018 Hartmut Starke (Talais), Translation: Richard and Margaret Beasley)^