Ideas and initiatives


Monta Stories : from childhood memories to the story of a book

Monta stories - von Kindheitserinnerungen zur Geschichte eines Buches The idea for the book, Monta Stories, arose from a meeting between 2 children of CHM - an illustrator and a writer. One brunette, one blonde; one small, one large. They complemented each other in a beautiful universe. Monta Stories is this moving collaboration...
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Zzzzzooooom Medoc – long live inter-generation working!

Zzzzzooooom Medoc – long live inter-generation working! Yes, we have Zoom, the conference search engine, and enough friends and acquaintances to give a quick briefing. Furthermore, our contacts with German and French people, ready to take part in an adventure like this, caused no problem either. Finally, as luck would have it, we found a receptive ear for this event at the German Consulate in Bordeaux in the shape of the Countess von Roedern, the Consul General herself...
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I do my bit

I do my bit “The best waste is that which is not produced”. By reducing our waste we can say loud and clear: I do my bit. My name is Fredérique, living in Queyrac for more than 40 years, married and a mother of two big boys aged 20 and 13. Secretary, accountant, I later worked in sales at a supermarket. Shortly after the arrival of my first son, I decided I would like to spend more time with my family and I became a nanny...
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Arrived in Médoc - A European Round Table

Arrived in Médoc - A European Round Table During the last months, we have received numerous requests from people (see our guestbook) who have recently settled in Médoc. Newcomers would like to know how to get information that could help them participate in local activities. Their requests have made us think about what possibilities we have as "Médoc actif" to support the newcomers...
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Toy recycling

Toy recycling My sisters and I grew up playing with second-hand dolls and home-made toys in the beautiful Tasmanian natural environment. I love the satisfaction of repairing and reusing discarded items to give them a new lease on life. Always a creative person and looking for a creative project between looking after my young daughter and looking for employment I began finding unwanted and discarded fashion dolls in the tip shops, op shops and second- hand m arkets of southern Tasmania...
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Water Towers as Works of Art

Water Towers as Works of Art These structures designed for storing water are generally placed at a geographical high point to allow the water to be distributed under pressure. The majority of them are made of concrete blocks which hardly gives these imposing buildings any aesthetic appeal...
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