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Along the byways of the Médoc

Along the byways of the Médoc The Médoc is characterised by many things: the ocean with its beaches, dunes and fine sand; the forests of pine and oak; the chateaux and their famous vineyards; the Gironde estuary and its fishing cabins called “carrelets”; but it is also a country of water meadows, marshes, lagoons and saltmarsh...
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Wide Open Spaces

Wide Open Spaces In the USA the road I most often took was Interstate 10 which runs from the east coast, north of Florida, all the way to the west coast, towards Los Angeles. Crossing Texas, New Mexico and Arizona was very gratifying to me because I love wide open spaces, when your eyes seek out the horizon where the limits of earth and sky join together...
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Past and future

comin médoc Certain images and ideas obviously spring to mind when we think of the Médoc: world-renowned wine appellations (Margaux, St. Estèphe ….), celebrated sea-side resorts such as Lacanau and Soulac , then the flavour of Pauillac lamb, “grenier médocain”, small Gironde eels called “pibales”, and Gambas (similar to prawns) and oysters as well...
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Language and culture

culture Sometimes it is - in terms of ones own ethnocentrism - quite instructive to deal with a non-European cultural understanding. Fished on the Internet: "There is a West African proverb which says, “If you don’t taste the food, you do not know if the salt is there or not.” It is like that with people. If you want to know what they are really like, you must get to know them. You get to know people through talking with them and understanding their ways...
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Physical activities

défis corporel "Active sport is good for your health". - How many of you have heard that expression since childhood? We have always remembered and understood the value of this principle, but don't apply it as often as we should. So we must now realize that sporting activities improve all aspects of physical and mental health, in particular maintained cardio-vascular, respiratory and skeletal condition - largely reducing the chances of obesity, breast and colonal cancer, and other associated disorders...
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Relaxing days - restful nights

anti stress Nowadays hardly any professional lives are stress-free and work/life balance needs to be addressed. But how do we go about this when living in a large city or in an environment heavily influenced by the following : Light pollution: artificial lighting has upset natural body rhythms, resulting in reduced perception of natural phenomena which can only be seen in complete darkness. These include the Milky Way, and the close observation of shooting stars and glow worms or fireflies...
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The sea

Das Meer Seaside destinations are considered by travellers to be opportunities to spend happy times under the sun, and to benefit from the stunning landscapes which border the ocean. Indeed, in the majority of the cases, when one thinks about vacations, one’s first image conjures up tropical images like those captured on postcards or the silver screen...
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The landscape

paysage All scientists will tell you that several million years ago, when man started to walk on two legs, it enriched him and as a result he became more intelligent. All parents will tell you that their baby becomes more beautiful as soon as it takes its first steps. All doctors will tell you that walking is a recommended natural activity which promotes wellbeing and good health in the long term. What pleasures await all those who traverse the lesser-known highways and byways of the Medoc...
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The weather

Wetter Perhaps that the geographical location of the Médoc which is described as being " In the southwest of France" leads one to think that the climate is much warmer than in Central Europe. However the Médoc is not a Mediterranean region but faces the Atlantic coast. While a few degrees warmer than Germany, so very agreeable, this does not mean that winters are frost free and summers without a few very hot days...
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Médoc in winter - nothing going on?

branaire gurp tt 2016 Time and again we hear of holidaymakers who - have come to know the Medoc, unlike us - only in the high season: here in winter, so it is said, nothing much happens, so how you can make this your main place to live? Well, you can! Bordeaux is of course only an hour and a half away from north Medoc. But as a UNESCO world cultural heritage class city, it has many tourist attractions; you can stroll around the old city... read more
The Médoc: A minor downside?

centrale nucléaire For many of us who have migrated here, the Médoc is the ideal place to live – whether French coming from other regions or people from neighbouring countries. . Climate, natural landscape, sea, way of life, wine, Medoc has many advantages. As everywhere on our planet, it is not guaranteed to stay that way... read more