The landscape


All scientists will tell you that several million years ago, when man started to walk on two legs, it enriched him and as a result he became more intelligent. All parents will tell you that their baby becomes more beautiful as soon as it takes its first steps. All doctors will tell you that walking is a recommended natural activity which promotes wellbeing and good health in the long term. What pleasures await all those who traverse the lesser-known highways and byways of the Medoc !

To capture a fleeting glance of a suprised roe-deer when turning a corner on a walkway, to observe the hurried flight of migrating birds, or to listen to the innumerable songs of nature,or to discover the hidden beauty of a wild plant; these are marvellous moments each time they occur.

What a pleasure it is to discover the vestiges of the Old Medoc, and to cross its prestigious vineyards, and to share a picnic between friends! Just some of many good reasons to join a group which continues to be well attended and is always affable and in good cheer. One never tires of such experiences!

2018 Agnès Béziers (Grayan), translation: Guy Hooker