Atelier médocain


Anne Fontana, singer, chorus leader

Anne Fontana It’s no secret : a song’s lyrics are often difficult to comprehend. I always encourage myself to make them approachable. It’s always preferable to start early at the school. I followed the training of a part-time drop-in musician to the school, parallel to my career as a vocalist...
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Joseph Fragoméni (alias Mazarin), tailoring

Joseph Fragoméni Born in Calabria (southern Italy) in 1937… He entered at 10 years old, into training as a seamster and, at 20 years of age, left his homeland to face the Parisian paving stones. He worked from 1960 to 1970 as a cutter & model maker in a leased factory. In 1966, he created the line “loan of the body”...
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Florence Guillot, coffee roasters

Florence Guillot Florence Guillot began her working life as an employee but then had the idea of setting up her own business doing something she knew about from her parents in Châtellerault: coffee roasting. With their support, she decided to set up in business in the Médoc where this activity did not exist...
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Shivranee Hatchootah, ayurvedic cooking

Shivranee Hatchootah I was born in Mauritius, and my parents are of Indian origin. Some years later, I spent two years in India to deepen my knowledge of Ayurveda which is a science which has existed for some 5000 years and has been transmitted orally from generation to generation...
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Violaine Lapeyrere, iconography

Violaine Lapeyrere I started painting icons twenty years ago thanks to meeting an orthodox monk. Before that I was painting on wood, decorating painted furniture, but I was aware of lacking a spiritual dimension. Meeting this orthodox monk when he was giving a lecture on icons was a decisive moment.I started painting icons twenty years ago thanks to meeting an orthodox monk...
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Sandrine Latronico, bakery products

Sandrine Latronico I had been a mother for eight years and had had enough of industrial food products. So two years ago I started to bake my own cakes. My daughter anyway no longer wanted industrially baked cakes. So at the end of two years, I decided to work not just anywhere like everyone else...
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