Richard Beasley



Grues à l'étang de Cousseau
pastel, d’après l’étang de Cousseau
Richard Beasley

oeuvres already shown

Although I do not have a dedicated art studio, I have a desk together with storage facilities for art materials and finished artwork. However, I am really an alfresco artist, and my ‘studioʼ is wherever I happen to be, and with whatever materials I have with me - I usually carry a notebook and a few pens and pencils around with me. Also a camera.

A good example was on the beach at Le Pin Sec in the week before Easter when I sketched what was happening around me. My wife, Margaret, was able to capture the ‘magic momentʼ on camera. I am unlikely to produce a more finished painting from this sketch but I think it is important to take every opportunity to practice my skills - and I enjoy it. I probably prefer sketching above all although I do produce more finished paintings in watercolour, gouache and pastel too, some of which I exhibit with an art group in England ( Twickenham Art Circle ).

I have been a member of this art circle for many years and enjoy their fortnightly sessions - indoors in the winter, but outdoors in the summer. Every time I am in the Médoc I endeavour to produce something evocative.

Another string to my artistic bow is sculpting in wood, but each piece takes a long time and is mostly carried out in the garden in England.

Much, both in France and in England, depends on the weather!