Living in Médoc


In Pauillac

In Pauillac When I went for a walk this morning, the clouds were so beautiful that I immediately took a photo. But even without that it was a beautiful walk: the dogs were quite well-behaved and once again I felt that we are really lucky to live in such a fantastic area...
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The art of living in the Médoc – I am committed !

L'art de vivre en Médoc The art of living in the Médoc – even if you are not a great lover of brotherhoods you can’t avoid this slogan if you live in the Médoc. So I couldn’t refuse the invitation, first given in 2011, to be initiated into the Médulien Order, in the company of Gérald Tron and Marie-Claude Lafragette, the former owner of Château Loudenne. It was going to take several more years before being accepted into a Chapter, Chapter 22, in March 2015...
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The black one with shovel-legs

The black one with shovel-legs It is an underground plague for beautiful lawns. It is the enemy of all gardeners who believe that their grass should be perfect and beautiful. I am one of these. Trying to entice it to go elsewhere, perhaps to a neighbour’s garden or nearby fields is pointless. After its ‘visit’, our lawn was comparable with a warzone. I decided to launch a counter-attack. We were initially advised to try ultrasound treatment with apparatus inserted from above which promised to drive out the enemy...
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Together is better

Together is better "Do you play an instrument?" the host of the restaurant UNION at Naujac asked us in 2011, when we ate there one evening, "Then take part in the fête de la musique (Music Festival) on 21 June. Everyone is allowed to make music there." This is how we got to play our first gig with our two Styrian harmonicas in the Médoc. We had a lot of fun playing our rather unusual music in Naujac and there were even some couples who danced...
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