Aquarelles of Didier Convard

Aquarelle von Didier Convard take a look
Julia at Cordouan

Julia au Cordouan In the pure salty air, tinged with the volatile scent of her tiara flower lip balm, Julia plunges into the sea to make her way to the shore. Without even a moment’s hesitation, her brothers and sisters follow her. She clambers eagerly onto the sand bank which hides the horizon from her but reveals the misty top of the “King of Lighthouses” on its rocky plateau...
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What is love?

Was ist Liebe? We are both based in Montalivet and this artistic project came about when we met. We decided to unite our two artistic spheres and work together on a common project. From the start we wanted to talk about the North Médoc, its nature and the people who live here, all the while keeping our eye fixed on human values and life experiences...
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Lacanau Océan as a background on Youtube

L.E.J. The female trio which became a hit on Youtube in 2015 and 2016, thanks to their series of musical revivals, have chosen Lacanau Ocean for their video entitled “Summer 2015“...
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Chainsaw Sculpture in the Médoc

Chainsaw Sculpture in the Médoc The trunk of the tree is standing solidly there where the transporter left it for us in our garden, without roots, without its majestic crown. Unfortunately the ancient oak, too ravaged by time, had to cede its life; it had to be cut down. How I had loved and revered this tree! I wanted to spare it an ignominious end in the hearth; it had really not deserved it...
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Churches of the Médoc

Kirchen des Médoc take a look
My Médoc

My Médoc take a look
A French property renovation

Kirchen des Médoc It was with some trepidation that I decided to renovate a property in France, not because I didn’t have the building knowledge, but because I had no French language skills. However once the property had been acquired, (using English Notaries!) the next hurdle was to obtain the consent of local government and of course the local Mayor... read more
Chocolate my second love

Chocolate my second love I came to the Médoc in 2006 to join the man who has since become my husband. In my luggage I packed my passion for chocolate. I make and sell my handmade chocolates mainly before Easter and around Christmas and in addition on demand. I also offer chocolate making courses for those who would like to try making their own. My professional training was in Amsterdam where after qualifying I worked for a confectioner, putting into practice what I had learnt...
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