Chocolate my second love


Les chocolats
Les chocolats

I came to the Médoc in 2006 to join the man who has since become my husband. In my luggage I packed my passion for chocolate.

I make and sell my handmade chocolates mainly before Easter and around Christmas and in addition on demand. I also offer chocolate making courses for those who would like to try making their own.

My professional training was in Amsterdam where after qualifying I worked for a confectioner, putting into practice what I had learnt. Not only making handmade chocalates but works of art My artisan chocolates.

• Heart of hazelnut praline, coated with dark, milk or white chocolate.
• A taste of rose, covered with white or dark chocolate.
• A touch of sage and pine nuts with a layer of dark chocolate.
• Heart of walnuts and currants, a touch of cinnamon, coated with milk chocolate.
• Ginger chocolates with a dark chocolate layer.
• Heart of pistachio praline, coated with dark, milk or white chocolate.
• Caramel ‘de luxe’ with almonds and black cherries, coated with dark chocolate.
• Heart of mint, coated with dark chocolate

I just need a minimum of 5 participants then you decide the appropriate time and day. Do not hesitate to contact me.

2011 Anneke Polderdijk(Saint Yzans)