European table


"I now live in Médoc, but before I lived ..." "And where do you come from? " During our meetings at the “European Table” each one of us will share stories and experiences about their region or country of origin and learn about those of others.

Some of us "New-Comers" in Médoc have decided to organise a "European Table" every last Friday of the month from 6.30pm until around 8.30pm.

The idea is to get to know each other, talk about different topics, and learn and share our knowledge about the Médoc, but also about Europe. On special occasions we will invite a guest speaker to present an interesting subject.

We are looking forward to meeting you.

Gunhild and Patrick

These topics have been offered so far:


stammtisch 6-2020
Plantes détox

stammtisch 6-2020

with financial support of the association "International Friends of Euronats"