Edible wild plants in Médoc gardens


On the 31st July, within the framework of La table européenne, Médoc-Actif and La maison d'Artemis invited Laurence Dessimoulie.

After a brief outline art of her way of cooking and her approach to the flora of the Médoc, Laurence invited each one of us to discover the wild plants in our own gardens: their gustative, nutritional and sometimes even curative values.

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Wandering about the garden at Artemis, Laurence presented the guelder rose, achillea, mallow and wild fennel, and a host of others before finally dwelling on the rich virtues of nettle. Our guide also evoked several plants it would be best to be wary of or, at the very least avoid.

She also referred to her last 2 publications: “Savourez les plantes sauvages de l’estuaire” and Agenda 2021 (Ed. Sud-Ouest) while offering, served on a spelt bread, a nettle pesto made by herself. So it was on a tasty note that the lesson on wild grasses/herbs ended.

2020 Patrick Pawliczek (Vensac), translation: Margaret and Richard Beasley

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