Sports and Wellness

Mosaic Workshop in Grayan

Atelier mosaïque I’d already taught myself to make mosaics but it was beyond my wildest dreams to think of learning the different techniques ( reproduction of antique mosaics, contemporary creations, decorative mosaics, murals, decorating objects with mosaics ) here, in the middle of the Médoc. And so it was with great pleasure that, this winter, I discovered the “Médoc Mosaics” workshop: and above all Christine Kerfant,..
The pleasures of dancing in Médoc

The pleasures of dancing in Médoc Initially, we were dancing in very irregular fashion and without really knowing how to dance. Yet we were happy with a bit of exercise, and perspiring quite a lot. It's true that a little sport does you good. BUT it was not really dancing, so said the real dancers: -You move ok, you twist a little but you’re not dancing because: DANCING IS SOMETHING ELSE! -OK! Yes but we do what we can...
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Amelia - first flight

Amelia - first flight My name is Amelia and I wished to tell you about my first piloting experiences. My father is an enthusiast since his early childhood and a pilot for more than 10 years. My first name was even inspired by that of the Amelia Earhart, the famous American aviatrice who helped openaviation to women by her incredible flights. With all this, necessarily, I fell in the aviation pot quite small as a certain french comic strip character...
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Nature and animals

Evenings of astronomy

Evenings of astronomy Starry Nights ‘ event organised by The Astronomy Club of Medoc in August 2014, was well attended by about a hundred people over the planned two evenings. We were able to observe Saturn in all its beauty, as well as its rings of ice; shooting stars were observed too. With the naked eye, we were able to transfer our attention to the beautiful constellations of summer and their multi-coloured stars...
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Café polyglotte at CALM

Café polyglotte at CALM On the 1st March 2016 I went into my garden to fix to a tree a small bracelet in red and white cotton thread that I had been given as a gift from a Bulgarian lady in February. I was thus following an ancient Bulgarian tradition: that of the Martenitsa, commonly known as Baba Marta (Baba Marta Day)...
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Learning from each other

Learning from each other In the Medoc apart from the indigenous Medocain population , immigrants and settlers of many nationalities including but not only many Germans, French, Dutch, Belgians and English. Often the immigrants do not have the opportunity to meet people speaking a different language or they simply do not dare to mix and chat with people of a different nationality...
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Music, Painting and creativity


Crafts and manual work

Sewing a boat

Sewing a boat Sylvie, volunteer seamstress, to Victor, 5 years old: "What do you want to sew? "A boat." "What is it like, this boat?" And so Victor begins to draw his boat and then cuts out each part of the drawing: hull, mast, sail, and the little flag at the top of the mast. Victor then chooses fabrics, a colour for each element of the boat, not to mention the background. Sylvie then sets each corresponding piece of paper on the fabric, and Victor cuts out the fabric following the outline of the paper....
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