The pleasures of dancing in Médoc



Initially, we were dancing in very irregular fashion and without really knowing how to dance. Yet we were happy with a bit of exercise, and perspiring quite a lot. It's true that a little sport does you good.

BUT it was not really dancing, so said the real dancers:
-You move ok, you twist a little but you’re not dancing because:
-OK! Yes but we do what we can!
-Yes but it's pretty easy to do so much better! Go to Lesparre, in the former courthouse.

It is the association ‘CALM’ that hosts the collective and specific courses organized by VlLADANSE. Go for it you won’t be disappointed!

The pleasures of dancing in Médoc

He had to try. So off we go to Lesparre, every Friday night. Claire and Guillaume, our teachers, despite our late arrival on the course by several weeks, have accepted us in the group which is already very advanced. It was laborious, and as we were not exactly gifted, we finally took private lessons to enable us to catch up with the level of other students.

The dynamics of the course and the confidence of teachers have changed us out of recognition. That said we needed to practice at home to memorize the basic steps and all their variations. The friendships created between students have also been of great importance because we get to help and motivate each other. Ask Rosine and Alain the results we get from our rehearsals, sometimes with one or two couples, another time with others.

Now look at us! today, we dance almost every day! In fact, we were very far from imagining all the advantages and benefits of a regular dance practice. The pains or rather aches in the legs have transformed into a corporal flexibility that we appreciate very much in our daily life.

The pleasures of dancing in Médoc
Thé dansant à Vensac

The medical profession advises us to exercise regardless of age. We are two septuagenarians who make exercise and enjoy ourselves at the same time! Here are some of the benefits of dance for all ages:
* A sense of wellbeing,
* general dynamism,
* good mood,
* exercise of memory since it is necessary to learn what's new,
* interaction with others...

Whether you're single or a couple, don’t hesitate to join us!

The Médoc is a region where people dance well and often. Lunches, dinners, teas and dancing evenings are organised throughout the year at Vensac, St-Trelody, Hourtin, St Estèphe, Bégadan, St-Vivien, Gaillan, and Lesparre..

2018 Armelle et Jean-Pierre Turc (Talais), translation: Christopher Murray