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Welcome to Médoc actif

On our multilingual internet site you will find descriptions of excursions, visits cultural or sports events, reports about creative, social and associative, initiatives, learning and training opportunities, special skills, interesting people and places, you will take a share in others' ideas and impressions in relationship with their Médoc experience.

North Médoc videos - a selection

Filmen The success of a video doesn’t only depend on technical details such as perspective, camera position or even the framing. Above all the video must show, for example, the artistic performance of a group of singers or the impact of an event. Nevertheless, the films we have produced over a period of more than 10 years...
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Zzzzzooooom Medoc – long live inter-generation working!

Zzzzzooooom Medoc – long live inter-generation working! Yes, we have Zoom, the conference search engine, and enough friends and acquaintances to give a quick briefing. Furthermore, our contacts with German and French people, ready to take part in an adventure like this, caused no problem either. Finally, as luck would have it, we found a receptive ear for this event at the German Consulate in Bordeaux in the shape of the Countess von Roedern, the Consul General herself...
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A little freedom at Le Gurp

NEin bisschen Freiheit in Le Gurp Yesterday was special. After almost a month of lockdown we regained a bit of freedom. We had only been allowed to go out for a walk or for any form of physical exercise within 1km from home and for a maximum of 1 hour. This has now been extended to 3 hours and 20km. That makes quite a difference. We still need a permit stating when we set out and why...
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The rich Médoc

Edible wild plants in Médoc gardens Why “the riches of the Médoc”? Historians, especially those in Bordeaux, believe the Médoc is a land of savages living in an unspeakable country, full of pestilential marshes, inhabited by half-savages, even complete savages, shipwreckers, hideous beings, in short ….. there is nothing to excite their curiosity...
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Frontstalag 221

Saving Cordouan lighthouse Yesterday I was walking my dog in a part of the village that I had never been to before. And there …. I noticed, 50 metres away, and near to a roundabout that I frequently pass in the car, a stele that I had never noticed. Of course I went to have a look at it and I learnt something of which I was completely unaware: there were prisoner of war camps in France in WWII. They were called “Frontstalag”...
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Edible wild plants in Médoc gardens

Edible wild plants in Médoc gardens On the 31st July, within the framework of La table européenne, Médoc-Actif and La maison d'Artemis invited Laurence Dessimoulie. After a brief outline art of her way of cooking and her approach to the flora of the Médoc, Laurence invited each one of us to discover the wild plants in our own gardens: their gustative, nutritional and sometimes even curative values...
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