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Welcome to Médoc actif

On our multilingual internet site you will find descriptions of excursions, visits cultural or sports events, reports about creative, social and associative, initiatives, learning and training opportunities, special skills, interesting people and places, you will take a share in others' ideas and impressions in relationship with their Médoc experience.

Excursion to the sea station of Le Verdon

port de Saint-Vivien How often have I looked west on the beach of the Médoc and crossed the horizon with my thoughts - in a steamer to America. So it could have been to take the wishful thinking from here to the New World, then as now. And this could have been the case back then: I go to Le Verdon to the Seebahnhof...
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A Trip to Rhodes

Eine Reise nach Rhodos It took us quite a while to decide on a trip to Greece. A good opportunity arose through the Soulac Accueille association: mid-September, the best time to go, a well-organised trip, pleasant travelling companions, and an interesting itinerary – Rhodes...
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2009 – 2019 : 10 years of Médoc Actif

2009 – 2019: Médoc actif wird 10 Jahre alt 10 years ago a small group of German, French, English and Dutch got together to found the “Médoc Actif” project. At that time, and it still remains true today, our aim was to encourage people – residents and tourists – to lead an active life in the Médoc by sharing their experiences, in whatever sphere, on our web site...
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The little Montmartre of Saint-Vivien

The little Montmartre of Saint-Vivien The Petit Montmartre is an event which brings together artists of all kinds: painters, sculptors, modellers, designers, photographers, musicians. It takes place in St-Vivien every Sunday in July and August. The aim is to showcase local artists...
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What is love?

Was ist Liebe? We are both based in Montalivet and this artistic project came about when we met. We decided to unite our two artistic spheres and work together on a common project. From the start we wanted to talk about the North Médoc, its nature and the people who live here, all the while keeping our eye fixed on human values and life experiences...
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