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On our multilingual internet site you will find descriptions of excursions, visits cultural or sports events, reports about creative, social and associative, initiatives, learning and training opportunities, special skills, interesting people and places, you will take a share in others' ideas and impressions in relationship with their Médoc experience.

Let’s walk - man and dog (canimarche)

Let’s walk - man and dog (canimarche) "Bang!" ... "Bang!" ringing out everywhere. Despite the frightening sounds of the hunting season, the group of 13 cars (I counted them) find their places in a parking lot at the edge of the forest of Bernon, near Saint Laurent-Médoc. Today is Canimarche with 17 dogs. Large, medium-sized, young, old, educated and non-educated dogs jump out of the cars. Tightened to their leashes, they sniff, growl, and bark...
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Arrived in Médoc - A European Round Table

Arrived in Médoc - A European Round Table During the last months, we have received numerous requests from people (see our guestbook) who have recently settled in Médoc. Newcomers would like to know how to get information that could help them participate in local activities. Their requests have made us think about what possibilities we have as "Médoc actif" to support the newcomers...
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Master of the Flocks

Master of the Flocks Last Saturday I went to see a sheepdog trial at the invitation of l’Ecole d’Oscar. It took place not far from where I live, at Fort Médoc, last bastion on the Garonne for the protection of Bordeaux city and port. After twisting Having twisted my ankle, despite wearing trainers, on the paving at the entrance, I arrived at a vast arena where the struggle between dogs and sheep was to take place...
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Paragliding over the dunes

Gleitschirmfliegen über den Dünen To paraglide you first have to be a good walker...Then carefully set out your paraglider so that ...Everything will work well afterwards....
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Regional products and meals

fermiers toqués Anyone who believes that agriculture in the Médoc is mainly to do with viticulture knows only half the story. Some years ago ADAR (Association for Agricultural and Rural Development) created an association bringing together many agricultural producers in the Médoc...
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