European Table - Inauguration at Café Artemis


It's a little exciting that the participants who arrived this January 31, 2020 at the House of Artemis - "Where's it going?" - with their homemade pancakes and jams. "Good evening I'm Michel, I’ve booked." "Good evening Michel! It's nice that you came . Patrick and I welcomed the newcomers.

"Where should I drop the pancakes?" was the repeated question in the upstairs kitchen. Florence showed us where to store the delicious dishes of great value, and where to find plates, glasses, towels, knives and forks. All together we then put the covers on the long table

Tonight's theme (last Friday of the month) was "The Chandeleur" (Mari-Lichtmess, Candlemas). And even though we were a few days ahead of the actual date of the Feast (February 2nd [N.D.L.R.]), it didn't bother anyone.

Once the French, Germans and Spaniards were all seated, everyone explained where they came from and what brought them here.

The idea of a European table is where we can exchange views on the habits and customs of the different European countries as well as the history of the Médoc, and the events taking place there, in a relaxed atmosphere and it was unanimous in the group. "Great idea!"

Florence and Patrick told us about the myth of the Chandeleur Festival (Mari-Lichtmess) which we celebrate by eating pancakes in France.

The evening was very convivial when pancakes, jam and cider were served. "Where are you from?" "I only moved to the Médoc a short time ago, the climate and tranquillity attracted me here." "And what do you do for a living?" "I was a Spanish teacher and now I enjoys local gastronomy and good wine."

The noise of the conversations grew here and there and phone numbers were exchanged. "Next time, I'll definitely be back." It was a very successful first "European Table"!!

2020 Gunhild Lorenzen (Soulac), translation: Paul Birchnall