What is love?



What is love? We are both based in Montalivet and this artistic project came about when we met. We decided to unite our two artistic spheres and work together on a common project. From the start we wanted to talk about the North Médoc, its nature and the people who live here, all the while keeping our eye fixed on human values and life experiences. The project What is love? can be seen as an “experimental laboratory”, an invitation to reflect upon participatory art. It aims to bring people together, encourage mutual enrichment, exchange know-how and suggest to the “non-artist” that they might become a “cre-actor”. What is love ? starts by talking about local femininity. It wants to recall its presence and make it more visible. It hopes to create an opportunity to get to know it better by allowing it to express a part of its authenticity. It honours love, that value which binds us intimately together and which ends up by redefining itself and by defining us. A call to the multiple possibilities of our humanity between reality and spirituality. It also sets out different viewpoints, which everyone can construct, around the following concepts: Nature, Wildness, Animal, Instinct, Wild Woman, Spiritual Animal, Feminine/Masculine, Ego, Otherness, Nudity, Listening, Openness, Acceptance, Preservation …. Ultimately What is love ? is based on working in situ and strives to encourage art which is free and accessible to all. We’d like to dedicate this work to our respective mothers, Josye Dambrun and Geneviève Esther Saint-Loup. Thank you for the unconditional love that you have shown to us , day after day ….

Marye Dambrun et Caroline Saint-Loup (Montalivet), translation: Margret and Richard Beasley