Florence Guillot



Coffee varieties on offer at Maison Artemis
Florence Guillot

Florence Guillot began her working life as an employee but then had the idea of setting up her own business doing something she knew about from her parents in Châtellerault: coffee roasting. With their support, she decided to set up in business in the Médoc where this activity did not exist: she has recently set up as an independent entrepreneur and offers freshly-roasted coffee.

First of all she opened a coffee shop, la Maison d’Artémis, with a roasting room and a tearoom. To begin with she had not thought of serving food. However her customers very soon started to ask for this so she decided to offer small vegetarian dishes. For this she has been advised by Laurence Dessimoule, a specialist in fast food and vegetarian food. Emilie Costas, who has lots of experience in organising both kitchen and service, helped her set up this new side of the business.

Today la Maison d’Artémis doesn’t just stick to coffee, tea and chocolate but also offers nice accessories ( cups, jugs, etc ); she has also added a self-service display of spices, vegetables and dried fruits sold by weight.

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