The sea


La mer au Gurp / Grayan

The beneficial effects of seaside holidays on our health
Seaside destinations are considered by travellers to be opportunities to spend happy times under the sun, and to benefit from the stunning landscapes which border the ocean. Indeed, in the majority of the cases, when one thinks about vacations, one’s first image conjures up tropical images like those captured on postcards or the silver screen ; immaculate white sand beaches, immense turquoise and crystal-clear lagoons, however all sea experiences, tropical or otherwise, stay in our memory and have a positive impact on health.

The virtues of sea air
The air at the seaside is naturally rich in oxygen and negative ions, owing to the fact that it is subjected to a higher than average atmospheric pressure . The ions are charged fine particles which make it possible for humans to better resist tiredness, stress and pain. As examples of negative ions, iodine takes part in the stimulation of the production of thyroid hormones, the energy producers. These ions also make it possible to breathe in air which is much purer and thus much healthier than that which one breathes in the cities. Thus, to benefit from it during one’s seaside holiday, e.g during your honeymoon to Mauritius, your honeymoon with the Maldives or your stay with family in the Seychelles, you are not obliged to take a boat and to gain exposure to them; simple strolls on the beach are enough. Then, to relieve not only your various afflictions such as :stress, depression, tiredness, but also asthma and other respiratory diseases, you need only to take some beach walks during your seaside holidays.

What brings sea water to us?
One often visits the seaside to bronze oneself, to make sandcastles on the beach, and to bathe in the ocean. The sea water is naturally rich in rock salt and trace elements, which deliver balance and wellbeing to the human body. And thanks to its strong salt concentration, the sea water accelerates the cicatrisation of wounds, cleans sine, exfoliates dead cells, etc , and is often used within therapeutic centres specialising in the ‘Thalasso’. It also makes it possible to rejuvenate the cardiovascular system and to ensure good blood circulation. Your batteries are recharged automatically once one is in contact with sea water. Thus, you will have less stress and regain body tone. The best means of taking this therapy is to be bathe with friends in the sea for about twenty minutes per day.

2018 The sandy beaches of the Médoc invite you to enjoy the sea at all hours of the year!

translation: Guy Hooker