The Médoc : Past and Future


Mme Mothes Huguette

Certain images and ideas obviously spring to mind when we think of the Médoc: world-renowned wine appellations (Margaux, St. Estèphe ….) , celebrated sea-side resorts such as Lacanau and Soulac , then the flavour of Pauillac lamb, “grenier médocain”, small Gironde eels called “pibales”, and Gambas (similar to prawns) and oysters as well. Then we visualise a variety of landscapes: small ports along the Gironde, marshlands, long straight beaches, vineyards, forests and the necklace of lakes. While it is true that all these elements form part of the Médoc, the real Médoc is so much more than that. It’s a nice convivial and authentic mix of the gentle pace of life and the wild side; of traditions and an openness to others; for that is clearly what makes the Médoc. From that point on everything is possible; any initiative is good and there are many of them. And it is the people of the Médoc, the Médocaines and Médocains – either by origin or by adoption – who are comin médoc the spokesmen and ambassadors of this beautiful region. More and more, restaurants, hotels, heritage venues, events, chateaux and shops are open all the year round.

Each in his or her own way contributes to the development and promotion of the Médoc. It is the sum of of these activities that will shape the Médoc of the future. Several decades ago my grandmother, Mme Huguette Mothes, created the association called “Le Renouveau du Monde Rural” (The Renewal of the Rural World) which manages animations, culturel events and holidays. A spirit of dynamism for the Médoc. I hope, in my own humble way, to honour her by the magazine “Com’in Médoc”, which itself acknowledges the men and women who make up the Médoc of today and tomorrow. This magazine will be a resource for finding out what goes on, where things are taking place, where to go for amusement, for gourmet food, for shopping, reading, family outings, getting a real feel for the place and for relaxing!

2018 Vanessa Carrat (Gaillan), translation: Richard Beasley