An artistic journey at Montalivet-les-Bains



kunstwanderweg kunstwanderweg
kunstwanderweg kunstwanderweg

Art in nature

Do you want art and nature? This summer, Montalivet-les-Bains is offering an artistic journey. Seven installations have been set up along the road around the seaside resort. Discover art while walking or cycling behind the Atlantic dunes: a shark’s fin, 60 waves between the pines, a giant bird in front of a grove. Four of the installations are permanent, and three will be dismantled in September 2021.

How we live and how we travel

The special feature of this artistic journey: the works all revolve around the same theme - protection of the environment and climate. A life-sized globe of the world entitled “This is not a dustbin” can be found on Montalivet beach and reminds us, in the style of Magritte, that the plastic we use ends up in the sea.

The trail

It took me between 60 and 90 minutes by bike to complete the nearly 10km of open air trail, allowing time to view and photograph the installations. Each artwork is accompanied by a panel giving information about the seven artists (6 women and 1 man). This exhibition provides you with an excellent mix of art and fresh air, and not just at the time of Corona!

2021 Paula Scholemann (Montalivet)

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