A journey 100 % offline



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Before th cure →
Sabine: I' was on my way to the supermarket do my shopping 7 km from my home and I forgot my phone. I turned around to pick up my phone and that I thought, is serious...

Während der Kur → siehe Video

After the cure →
Sabine: Sabine: I no longer need to be completely dependent on and connected to this tool, since I feel really good and I didn't... I really thought I would miss it more.

A new phenomenon exists in our digital world, where everything is connected 24/7 throughout the year. Many of us are or become completely addicted to their phone, computer, tablet, or other means of connection.

Emails, Facebook, SMS, Visio, etc., are many factors that bring some of us to the brink of breakdown or burn-out. Solutions exist, an escape to the mid- Atlantic or Greenland for example, but more seriously a new concept has been born, the digital detox cure.

This is to make the addicted person do anything other than be digitally connected by encouraging him or her to take up a sport, tourism, or just simply the pleasures of life with the help of a coach without medical qualification.

And it works, based on recent results in the United States, many pursue this course with good results, tourism sectors are starting to offer digital detox breaks to expand their range of services. Chateau La Gravière at Vertheuil between Lesparre-Medoc and Pauillac, stands out from the crowd by offering this type of stay.

For a few hours or days, this little corner of the Médoc offers you the perfect opportunity to discover nature, peace and quiet, walks, exercise, the magic of wine and all its subtleties, with the help of a caring host.

A cure with a view to finding real life!

2018 Xavier Naboulet (Macau), translation: Christopher Murray