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My name is Clémence de Pourtalès, I am a first year student for the national diploma of oenologist. I am looking forward to the start of the 4 L Trophy above all because it has a humanitarian purpose. Then there is the adventure in the middle of the desert and the Moroccan mountains. I think I will experience total disorientation!

The fact that I will be sharing the adventure with 3000 other students as well as my team-mate makes it all the more exciting. It is an opportunity to meet people that you will not forget and to share special experiences as much of mutual support as relaxation.

I love driving and co-driving as map reader, and to test my sense of the direction, all that with a 4L gives a sense of a return to the past.

Manon My name is Manon.! I am 23 years old and I have just finished my studies. I decided to take a sabbatical and decided to devote it to the discovery of the world. For several years I dreamed of taking part in the 4 L Trophy and this year was the perfect opportunity. This project excites me above all for the adventure it offers! To find oneself in the middle of the Moroccan desert with nothing but a compass... What's more exciting? Would I be capable of spending 15 days in a 4L with my co-team player who is also my best friend?

On the other hand this project has a humanitarian facet. We collect children’s clothes and school supplies in order to redistribute them over there. It is also the perfect opportunity to understand what is meant by mutual support. Push the 4L of another crew, help to change a wheel... This is what awaits us!

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2015 Clémence de Pourtales (Saint-Seurin) / Manon Lacoste (Hourtin), Translation: Christopher Murray