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The oysters and prawns of Philippe Lucet

Philippe Lucet Several kilometres of gravel track from the Port of St. Vivien leads to Philippe Lucet’s restaurant “La Petite Canau”. Philippe has been here every evening for more than 20 years, in the prawn-selling season of July and August, doing his cooking, char-grilling the freshly-caught prawns on a shovel, and preparing the chips to go with them...
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Mazarin and the Palais du Costume

palais costume Joseph Fragomeni alias "Mazarin" is the founder of this unusual museum opened a few months ago in Lesparre-Medoc. Mazarin” is a former Parisian designer, famous in the world of cinema and theatre. He has created many hundreds of costumes for actors as well-known as Jodie Foster, Philippe Noiret...
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Serge Andron, lighthouse keeper at Cordouan

Serge Andron, lighthouse keeper at Cordouan In the past the post of lighthouse keeper often used to pass from father to son. But in my case I was really drawn to the sea because I was from the Vendée, from the village of St. Gilles Croix de Vie, which was a big fishing port. I had an uncle and 3 cousins who were fishermen and when I was little I often went out on my uncle’s boat with him...
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Bruno Albert

Bruno Albert Bruno Albert is our neighbour. Whenever I go to the car park, he greets me warmly. Unfortunately, our French does not take us very far, but on Easter Sundayr we were invited to come to hear him play in the Basilica of Soulac. For this great Easter mass, the basilica was crammed to bursting. Bruno Albert played on his wonderful organ and believers sang with fervour...
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Mimi Thorisson

Mimi Thorisson Do you know Mimi Thorisson ? Mimi spent part of her life in China, then London, then Paris before leaving for the Medoc with her husband and their 7 children. The Medoc is perfect in the sense that you have the best of everything on a plate, with its astonishing chateaux, over 1500 vineyards, the ocean and wild beaches of white sand, untamed pine forests , home to wild boar, red deer and woodcock...
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Brice und Léo

Brice und Léo While on a Connaisssance du Médoc outing to the Arros bunkers just north of Soulac we got to know Brice and Léo, and we saw them in action. They were from a school group of 11 year-old girls and boys who were doing an “apprenticeship” on the Atlantic Wall with Jean-Paul Lescorce, the bunker-archaeologist of Soulac. Seventy years after it was built, traces of this wall of fortifications can still be seen on the beaches...
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Claudéa Vossbeck-L'Hoëst

>Claudéa Vossbeck-L'Hoëst Claudéa Vossbeck-L’Hoëst has been living in Médoc for more than thirty-five years. She came here searching for a place to live with horses where she could found the association «Action Centaur’ Aquitaine» specializing in giving distressed horses a new life... In some places there was just not enough grazing-land, elsewhere too many roads, too many people, not enough space to live in peace...
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Arlette und Nicole

Arlette und Nicole In Lesparre and in its environs, Arlette and Nicole, twin sisters of 62 years, are well-known for their participation in the activities and goings-on of local life, preparatory work for cultural events, delivery of services and basically helping out on all fronts. One can always count on them: indefatigable, they cannot say no, and, moreover, they take pleasure in doing what they do because they are kind people and value human relations...
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René Rey und das Vokalensemble Ariana-Médoc

René Rey At the start of the 1976/77 school year René Rey, then Director of the school at Moulis, founded the Moulis Chorale together with 15 amateur singers. This would become, a little later, the Ariana-Médoc Vocal Ensemble. Only 4-5 of the members from this time still sing in the choir. During its first 10-12 years the group grew until it eventually reached an effective strength of 25-30 members from Moulis and the surrounding areas. During these first ten years the repertoire comprised mainly various Renaissance songs, negro spirituals, miscellanies, etc...
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Wolfram Knöchel: Spurensuche im Médoc

Wolfram Knöchel: Spurensuche im Médoc At the End of May we’ve travelled to the Medoc – for the first time. As a journalist I have covered a lot of the French regions and over many years we had various French holiday destinations, though never the south-western part. This year was different – well, everything was different. Because the story of this journey started way earlier... Halle/S. 27.12.2014: A shoe box without a lid. My tentative fingers find it in the dark corner of the book case whilst I was looking for… Well, what was I looking for...
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