Social life


A dual carriageway for the Médoc

A dual carriageway for the Médoc We live in the Médoc, some of us for a very long time. I would like to believe that if we are here, it's because we love this area. I don’t think that anyone would contradict this, regardless of where in Europe they originate. So, many of us have asked the question: what can I do for the Medoc and give back a little to this area...
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5. European Picnic in Vertheuil

5. europäisches Picknick in Vertheuil Actually we had wanted to organize the European Picnic for the years 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015, and after that, no more picnics! But then Gwénael LAMARQUE of the Maison de l' Europe (Bordeaux) (MEBA) arrived on the scene with a question for us, namely whether we could propose our picnic as the closing event of the European Week in Bordeaux. All right, so one more picnic - with the usual cast, in the usual place, with so many of our good friends...
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A Rubenesque of Lamarque

A Rubenesque of Lamarque The preselection of Miss Rubenesque Aqitaine has begun at Saint Sulpice and Cameyrac. Among the 14 candidates is Marie-Lou, aged 24, who lives in Lamarque. She says: „For me, today is the beginning of a promising adventure. I intend not only to assume the elegance of my comfortable form and those of my co-cadidates, but also to express the beauty of inspiring faces and warm smiles, together with elegance of movement....
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Creative meetings

Creative meetings On the first Thursday of each month, we, the artists of Talais Art, meet in a restaurant called Le Relais des Mattes, which is located in the centre of the town of Talais. Some marvellous and varied artistic activities happen there. In a relaxed and friendly environment, we communicate with each other about our shared passions...
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A Classic-car meeting in Grayan

A Classic-car meeting in Grayan „Do you wish to take part in our classic car get-together in Grayan?“ asked Alain and Francoise, our longstanding friends, who are always out and about on their motor bikes. Soon after, Dieter made his first outing of the year, following a catalogue of repairs made to his NSU-Wankelspider, which was also our first joint participation in a classic-car meet in the Medoc...
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To cross-link activities

To cross-link activities In the Medoc region there are many local associations dealing with heritage – most of them in rather isolated locations. The aim of the various Associations is to safeguard churches and other historic monuments, industrial heritage, fortresses etc...), they organize tours and create inventories of historic attractions. Those involved are volunteers who spend their free time to improve awareness of the region and to conserve its historical heritage...
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The Lighthouse of Cordouan destroyed!

The Lighthouse of Cordouan  destroyed! Don't worry; the real Lighthouse is still standing. Here we are talking about a gift from the chocolatier Florent Bouchon at Saint Médard en Jalles to the Association for the preservation of the Cordouan Lighthouse: a chocolate model of the famous lighthouse which was completed in 2007 and standing about 1 m high, an incredible 5 to 6 kilos of dark chocolate and which was displayed in his shop to the delight of his customers...
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