Arlette and Nicole


les jumelles

In Lesparre and in its environs, Arlette and Nicole, twin sisters of 62 years, are well-known for their participation in the activities and goings-on of local life, preparatory work for cultural events, delivery of services and basically helping out on all fronts. One can always count on them: indefatigable, they cannot say no, and, moreover, they take pleasure in doing what they do because they are kind people and value human relations. Moreover, hardly has one made their acquiantance, than it’s time to ‚break the ice‘ with newcomers, who are thereafter brought into the fold and are considered heartfelt friends.

In a nutshell, to sum up; here the list (not exhaustive) of associations that profit from their assistance: the twirling stick, the committee of The Wine Fair, Opest (not forgetting the church of Saint-Trélody), LM Jazz, (the festival committee of Saint-Trélody). And as if that were not enough, Nicole goes to Cissac for the Unimog association (but it was a friend, she said, who formerly lived in Lesparre who needed assistance to begin its expansion). Then there’s also the Festival Committee of Valeyrac… “I was about to forget“, she said in conversation, „I also help the veterans! ” Arlette, too, takes part in the recurring themes of the Medoc, the association of famous ex-Parisian and celebrated dressmaker of the stars (and today Lesparrain) whom everyone knows under the pseudonym of Mazarin. Furthermore, she officiates over fundraising by providing clothing, via car-boot sales and other secondhand outlets. It should also be remembered that all these activities are entirely voluntary, free, and demand never-ending input. It should be said that, over the years, they have acquired logistical experience and team management skills too.

2018 Serge Hourcan (Gaillan), translation: Guy Hooker