Observing snakes



In his garden Dieter filmed two snakes, it seemed, in combat.They had been sheltering in a well. Two couleuvres, either fighting over a female, or maybe this was a male - female dance of courtship.

According to Wikipedia, in Europe their mating takes place between April and June. Combat between males is frequent and violent, so as to have monopoly over a mature female. One combatant tries to pin his opponent to the ground, then bites and finally crushes him by constriction.

Our neighbour, a longtime Medocain resident, says the snakes Dieter filmed are "lirons", generally green, but with different markings than the normal couleuvres.However, these are also constrictors. Remembering harvesting times when young, mature couleuvres will attack harvest workers. Nowadays though, these snakes are becoming more and more rare. Dieter thinks that in fact he filmed a dance of seduction.

Wikipedia's proper definition: Couleurve Aesculapan, or the medocain version - Liron.

Whatever it has been, maybe Medoc-actif visitors know more?

Angela und Dieter Botzenhardt (Naujac), translation: Barrie Baldwin