The little Montmartre of Saint-Vivien



The Petit Montmartre is an event which brings together artists of all kinds: painters, sculptors, modellers, designers, photographers, musicians. It takes place in St-Vivien every Sunday in July and August.

The aim is to showcase local artists and give them somewhere to exhibit. Some come from Bordeaux but the majority are from the Médoc art scene.

For us it’s the Médoc first and foremost and we think of ourselves as cultural activists for the Médoc. The Association of the law 1901 TRUC ( Trans-Médoc Rock & Roll United Club ) was created and the Mairie delegated the artistic organisation to it.

Michel Logvenoff (Saint-Vivien) / Caroline Saint-Loup Watterlot (Montalivet), text taken from the video of

This event came about spontaneously one winter’s morning in 2017 as the result of a conversation in the street. Several weeks later it became a reality due to the dynamism of artists, musicians, traders and local councillors. A multitude of interests was revealed, artistic ones certainly, but also economic and human ones, with all kinds of meetings and exchanges.

At the end of the season it was considered a success in terms of attraction and revitalisation. We actively sought ways to ensure it functioned properly and was well promoted. Despite the lack of public finance we met with a lot of understanding and support (complete speech)

2019 Gérard Gonzalez (Saint-Vivien)

translation: Margaret and Richard Beasley