Creative meetings


Art Talais

On the first Thursday of each month, we, the artists of Talais Art, meet in a restaurant called Le Relais des Mattes, which is located in the centre of the town of Talais. Some marvellous and varied artistic activities happen there. In a relaxed and friendly environment, we communicate with each other about our shared passions.

All techniques are used: Oil, acrylic resin, pastel, watercolour… but also painting on porcelain and stained glasses. Each artist expresses their feelings by the abstract, impressionism, representational, or mixed painting on table… Their aim: To give pleasure and make dreams come true using this language of shades, tones and subtleties. Every participant lets their imagination and inspiration flow.

On beautiful days, armed with their essential artists materials, the painters capture, during their open-air sessions, such subjects as:- The light of the river banks, The beauty of the estuary with its square fishing nets and its shallows, The crashing ocean with its splendid beaches and its boats. …and the gleaming colours of the fauna and the flora of the Medoc.

The pause for nibbles and refreshment also has a crucial role among the group. Sat at tables in the snug of a bar-restaurant, with Vichy tablecloths, we happily devour pancakes with jam and home-made pastries accompanied by a smooth hot chocolate or for those who prefer, a glass of simple rose wine, or a ‘Haut-Medoc’ red such as a ‘Saint-Seurin’, or by a draft beer… A true joy! It is thus in a convivial and jovial atmosphere that we regale ourselves while discussing our works, and also by listening to the words of wisdom for accessible ways to enhance our artistic works.

You are invited to share our pleasure…

2018 Emeraude Aparis-Maquet (Talais), translation: Guy Hooker