A dual carriageway for the Médoc



D1215 We live in the Médoc, some of us for a very long time. I would like to believe that if we are here, it's because we love this area. I don’t think that anyone would contradict this, regardless of where in Europe they originate.

So, many of us have asked the question: what can I do for the Medoc and give back a little to this area? Some people have joined associations, including our dear Médoc-Active, and to work for this or that cause, while making contacts with people of all origins.

As far as I am concerned, since my first contact with the Medoc in 1983, I have always thought that the Médoc suffers a lot from the very poor main road, the current D1215, which connects Bordeaux to Verdon. A vital artery between the Medoc and the Bordeaux metropolis, this road is a real "thorn in the side" of this area. It is neither safe nor fast, inadequate for the needs of all road users.

I joined an association, SURVIVRE SUR LA 1215, which has been fighting since 1999 to improve this road, both in terms of safety and the speed of travel.

Currently, our association has launched an Internet petition for "A dual carriageway for the Médoc". If you support to this cause, please sign the petition by clicking on the link below http://www.mesopinions.com/petition/autres/2x2-voies-medoc/36442

2018 Jean-Claude Del (Valeyrac), translatiuon: Franni Szekely