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Through a friend, we heard about "More than soap", a small craft company that produces dream soaps sold by mail, but also in a small shop in the old town of Bergerac. Nia, an aromatherapist from Wales, makes the soaps, and her husband Karim advises customers in front of house. Entering the shop is a truly wonderful sensory experience: the fragrances are extraordinary and the products present a real treat for the eyes. We quickly forgot the journey, albeit long enough, as we had travelled from from the Médoc. Soaps and bath products are made exclusively with natural elements and the skin has a a very pleasant feeling of soft velvet.

But the most surprising are the more than 60 different combinations of soap fragrances: fragrances that range from "sweet" to "green", such as chocolate-cinnamon, beetroot and celery, strawberry, artichoke or almond paste. We're going from surprise to surprise. In the store, the smells intoxicate you, and you have to be careful not to buy everything! Karim cuts the the blocks of soap on demand, they are sold by weight, 100 g cost about 6 euros. Nia has been making her soaps by hand for 20 years, first in Wales and then, since 2006, in Bergerac, and she is constantly making new creations.

On the website can find more information about its production. However, visiting the store is a real old style luxury sense of smell that you have to appreciate, especially since Marais really deserves a visit.

2009 Christian Büttner (Saint-Vivien), translation: Paul Birchnall


11 years later: Nia's soaps still exist, even though she had to change the company's name to SAVONNIA and move to Issac. The quality of the soaps has remained the same and the internet shop offers a wide range of products. It's always a pleasure to enjoy Nia's creations.