French-german four-handed



piano à quatre mains

Peter Sommer, Grayan

Ever since I was a child and learnt how to play piano, I loved to play piano four hands with my teacher and friends. In fact, for this kind of practice it is particularly difficult to find a partner you can harmonize well with so that musically speaking “the chemistry is right”.

What a chance it was to meet here in the Médoc accidentally Pierre-Paul Laeuffer, an excellent French pianist! Playing piano four hands with him has been a joy from the very first moment, probably because we really harmonize so well!

I hope that in the future it will be possible for us to continue our musical cooperation.

Pierre-Paul Laeuffer, Grayan

This is the story of a most unlikely encounter in a holiday resort in the Médoc. Three years ago, I passed near the music room and heard someone playing piano. It sounded really nice which was amazing since I knew the instrument was out of tune.

I entered the room and directly asked the man at the piano whether he would like to play four hands. He did not hesitate: “With pleasure, anything you want!”

This is how I met Peter Sommer. Our mutual musical understanding was immediately perfect and together we have set up a repertoire for piano four hands.

It was the beginning of a piano concert project with a German pianist and conductor who used to conduct opera music in German cities, including Strasbourg, and a French pianist born in Alsace who has been pianist for 20 years at the Toulouse Theatre of the Capitole.

Since I have this occasion to write to you and about you, I would just like to say: Thank you so much, Peter!

2019 translation: Claudea Vossbeck-L’Hoëst