Mimi Thorisson


Mimi Thorisson

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Mimi spent part of her life in China, then London, then Paris before leaving for the Medoc with her husband and their 7 children. The Medoc is perfect in the sense that you have the best of everything on a plate, with its astonishing chateaux, ,over 1500 vineyards, the ocean and wild beaches of white sand, untamed pine forests , home to wild boar, red deer and woodcock.

All this inspires Mimi Thorisson and her cuisine, and is described in her superb blog ‘Manger’, along with her life and her family, in large part in the context of seasonal produce from local farms, the forests, the ocean and the river so emblematic of the Medoc. Regional cuisine is Mimi’s passion.

In between times , Mimi has her own TV programme ‘ Cuisine +’.She has assembled her culinary masterpieces from local, seasonal produce and presented them almost as works of art as photographed by her husband.

2015 Xavier Naboulet (Macau), translation: Christopher Murray

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