Com'in Médoc : Communication at the service of the Médoc


comin médoc

Since October 2013 Vanessa Carrat of Com’in Médoc has been organising trade fairs every 2 months in prestigious places in the Médoc such as the Domaine de Nodris in Vertheuil or the Uni-Médoc Wine Producers Fairs in Gaillan. Through these events on various themes (Habitat, Christmas, Well-Being, Nature, Leisure, Books) Com’in Médoc promotes the Médoc and its many and varied talents in a pleasant environment and with plenty of social interaction which is much appreciated by visitors and exhibitors alike.

Vanessa Carat These get-togethers enable the different participants in our region to exchange and develop synergies and open new horizons. The Com’in Médoc Fairs are the most visible and most developed part of the concept of Com’in Médoc, fairs which Vanessa likes a lot because of her fondness for human contact and event organising.

Another aim of Com’in Médoc is to enhance and develop the image of those skills that are currently available in the Médoc by means of a multi-channel communication forum adapted to the particular needs of the Médoc. A mix of various methods of communication is being investigated. The recurring theme of Vanessa Carrat and Com’in Médoc is to endow the Médoc with a strong image linked to its culture, its heritage, its history ………. a new challenge for this dynamic and always smiling young woman who has a very highly-developed local network, is very engaged in the local life and has skills in many areas.

Com’in Médoc, a love of the Médoc !

2015 Raymond Piombino (Castelnau de Médoc). translation: Richard Beasley