A Classic-car meeting in Grayan



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„Do you wish to take part in our classic car get-together in Grayan?“ asked Alain and Francoise, our longstanding friends, who are always out and about on their motor bikes. Soon after, Dieter made his first outing of the year, following a catalogue of repairs made to his NSU-Wankelspider, which was also our first joint participation in a classic-car meet in the Medoc.

All the participants were met and accommodated in good cheer in the carpark, which was close to the library. There were some 20 vehicles, amongst other marques there were Renaults and Citroëns, German classics, and a Plymouth from the United States.

Alain and Francoise took to us under their wings and, in no time at all, we were accepted into the circle of classic car enthusiasts. We are all passionate about the old vehicles which use mechanics and without modern electronics. They gave us unexpected happy moments and a sense of total freedom.... and for us they did not lose their charm.

The municipality of Grayan had invited the ‘Oldtimer‘ friends to their local festival. After the mayor’s speech a reception was served - with appetisers. Then, the friendly conversation continued during a communal meal under the barnum.

The procession of cars was the icing on the cake of this meeting. Together we drove until we reached La Gurp. We spent many enjoyable moments by looking at – amongst other things - the tournament of the miniature cars from the Grayan Racing Club.

It‘s good to have a hobby that everyone can take part in.

2018 Angela und Dieter Botzenhardt (Naujac), translation: Guy Hooker

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