New Year's dive at Euronat



It seems that I have always known the pleasure of taking a dive in the sea at the most unlikely moments. Even in october, december or march the Atlanitic coast offers sunny days that invite you to take a walk along the ocean and sometimes to take off your clothes, put them over yur elbow and let your skin face the the spray of the breakers while others walk along in thick, warm coats. Until recently I seemed to be the only one to find pleasur in such things.

This New Year's day, things turned out differently. The wheather was rather cool, the sea looked pleasant with beautiful waves but not really inviting. Nevertheless, I took a swim this New Year's day and took pleasure in sharing my adventure with a group of other tough sea freaks - apparently we are not extinguished yet ! - who had come to take a swim altogether.

Upon arrival, the parking lot of Euronat's main beach that is normally empty at this moment of the year, was overcrowded and crowds of people on foot or by bike were on their way down to the waters. On the beach, a handful of courageaus people were already undressed, totally naked surrounded by a much larger group of well-dressed, curious spectators. Together we have conquered the sea and came out of the floods absolutely relaxed, proud and happy, with red skin due tyo enhanced blood-flow, in a stgate of total wellness.

When crazy people come together, you can face any weather and this New Year's Day, the sun has even managed to turn up !

2018 Elke Schwichtenberg (Saint Vivien), translation: Déa L'Hoëst